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International Review of Sociology

Revue Internationale de Sociologie

Volume 27               Number 1                 March 2017

Editorial note

Marcella Corsi


Themed Section/ Section Thématique

Migratory and Intercultural Processes from a Gender Perspective: the Changing Roles of Migrant Women in the Countries of Origin and Destination

Mariella Nocenzi (Guest Editor)

An Introduction

Mariella Nocenzi

Policing Gender Mobilities. Interrogating the “feminisation of migration” in Europe

Ruba Salih, Sabrina Marchetti

Double Emigration: Geographical and Cultural? Italian Women in the German Labour Market

Edith Pichler

Immigrant Women and Housing Issues: A Symbolic Magnifying Glass for Social and Cultural Changes in Italian Civil Movements

Francesca Colella, Giovanna Gianturco, Mariella Nocenzi

Young Muslim Women of Bengali and Moroccan Origin in Italy. Multiple Belongings, Transnational Trajectories and the Emergence of European Islam

Renata Pepicelli

The Redefinition of Gender Roles in Immigrant Women: The Importance of Local Spaces in Global Processes

Martha Judith Sánchez Gómez, Inmaculada Serra Yoldi


On Suicide Bombings: Questioning Rationalist Models and Logics of Gender

Pénélope Larzillière

Family is notan institution: Distinguishing Institutions from Organisations in Social Science and Social Theory

Peter Rogers

Assessing Income Support where no National Minimum Income Scheme Exists. Is it possible to apply the Model Family Method to the Italian Case?

Marco Arlotti, Stefania Sabatinelli

 «Think Twice»: Using Economics and Sociology to Understand Monetary Issues: the Case of Switzerland

Guillame Vallet

 Repossession through Sharing of and Access to Seeds: Different Cases and Practices

Eric de Léséleuc, Damien Issanchou

 Notes & Proposals

The Reification of Celebrity: Global Newspaper Coverage of the Death of David Bowie

Jack Black

International Review of Sociology

Revue Internationale de Sociologie

Volume 27               Number 2                 July 2017

Themed Section/ Section Thématique

Media, Migrants and Human Rights

Gevisa La Rocca (Guest Editor)

Media, Migrants and Human Rights. An Introduction

Gevisa La Rocca

The Human Rights through the paradigm changes of the Social Communication Theories

Carmen Rodríguez-Wangüemert and Juan Martínez Torvisco

Beyond Black and White: The Role of Media in Portraying and Policing Migration and Asylum in Italy

Pierluigi Musarò and Paola Parmiggiani

 Απόλιδας. An analysis of the international legal framework in the field of statelessness and UNHCR’s communication campaign

Gevisa La Rocca and Luigi Prosperi

Dialogues with Experts

Media, migrants and human rights in the cultural history

Dialogue with Lynn Hunt

Tensions and paradoxes of humanitarianism

Dialogue with Lilie Chouliaraki

UNHCR as a bulwark against violations of migrants’ rights.

Dialogue with Stephane Jacquemet


Logic of Order: State Hierarchy, Law, Sovereignty, and War

Sergey B. Yurchenko

Migrant Remittance Flow: Challenges and Motivations in Isiekenesi Southern Nigeria

Okechukwu Odinaka Ajaegbu

The Role of the Partner in Social Support Networks in Spain

Livia García-Faroldi

Collectivism and Reporting of Organizational Wrongdoing in Public Organizations: The Case of County Administration in Kenya

Gedion Onyango

 Notes & Proposals

Blood Ties and Strong Ties: A Two-Way Linkage? Some Non-Trivial Implications of the Care Workers Market in a Mediterranean Region

Giuseppe Micheli

International Review of Sociology

Revue Internationale de Sociologie

Volume 27               Number 3                 November 2017

Themed Section/ Section Thématique

Future Perspectives on Work and Family Dynamics in Southern Europe: the Importance of Culture and Regional Contexts

Almudena Moreno Minguez and Isabella Crespi (Guest Editors)

Future Perspectives on Work and Family Dynamics in Southern Europe: the Importance of Culture and Regional Contexts. An Introduction

Almudena Moreno Minguez and Isabella Crespi

Gender Equality and Family Changes in the Work-Family Culture in Southern Europe

Almudena Moreno Minguez and Isabella Crespi

Work, Family and Public Policy Dynamics in France

Claude Martin

Flexibility and Work-family Balance: a Win-Win Solution for Companies? The Case of Italy

Sara Mazzucchelli

Attitudes towards Childcare and Social Practices: Discrepancy between Attitudes and Employment Trajectories of Mothers in Spain (1994-2012)

Livia Garcia Faroldi


Rethinking Integration and Identity: Chinese migrants in Republic of Ireland

Lu Zhouxiang, Weiyi Wu

(Democratic) regime Change and the Representation of Women in Parliament

Daniel Stockemer, Bilel Kchouk

Youth Studies in Transition. Theoretical Explorations

Thomas Johansson

The gendered Economics of Bodybuilding

Guillame Vallet

 Notes & Proposals

A Plea to End theology-posing-as the Science of religion. Religion as a cultural System re-asserted

Hugh Rock


Segnalazione dei punti di forza dell’annata

L’International Review of Sociology si caratterizza come una rivista di sociologia aperta all’approfondimento di diverse linee di ricerca e ad un approccio interdisciplinare nella trattazione di vari temi, fra i quali si segnala per l’anno 2017 un focus specifico nella sezione della Themed section sui flussi migratori, osservati sia attraverso un’inedita ottica di genere, che in relazione all’implementazione dei diritti umani sovranazionali.


Progetti in cantiere

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Themed sections

György Széll (guest editor), Democracy and Participation in the 21stCentury

Massimiliano Ruzzeddu, Emilia Ferone (guest editors), Governing innovation: a sociological approach

Mara Maretti, Alfredo Agustoni (guest editors), EnvironmentalChange, Territories and the Dynamics of Migration

 Research articles

Ariane Agnes Corradi and Elaine Rabelo Neiva, Social Networks of Knowledge Production in Brazilian Psychology: Comparing Sub-Areas

Mary Ann Lamanna, Three Novels of Terrorism: Explorations in the Politics of Literature

Fiammetta Corradi, Philipp Höfner, The Disenchantment of Bitcoin: Unveiling the Myth of a Digital Currency

Lee Trevor Tsz-lok, Revisiting the role of pedagogic contexts in social class analysis: A Bernsteinian approach

Stéphanie Garneau, Intersectionality beyond Feminism? Some Methodological and Epistemological Considerations for Research

Moshe Sharabi, Ethno-Religious Groups Work Values and Ethics: The Case of Jews, Muslims and Christians in Israel

Hadas Shadar, Zvika Orr, Professions in Periods of Social Change: The Case of Architectural Discourse and Design

Lu Zhouxiang, Weiyi Wu, Rethinking integration and identity: Chinese migrants in republic of Ireland

Juan A. Roche Cárcel, La creatividad como exponente de las contradicciones sociales y culturales contemporáneas. Aproximación a su concepto desde la Teoría Sociología