Partecipazione e conflitto

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ISSN: 1972-7623 (print); ISSN: 2035-6609 (online);

DOI Prefix: 10.1285/i20356609

PArtecipazione e COnflitto [PArticipation and COnflict] is an International Journal based in Italy specialized in social and political studies.

PACO houses research and studies on the transformations of politics and its key players (political parties, interest groups, social movements, associations, unions, etc.), focusing in particular on the dynamics of participation both by individuals acting in conventional ways, and by those who prefer protest-oriented repertoires of action.

Special attention is also paid to the dynamics of transformation of contemporary political systems, with an eye fixed on the processes of democratization besides on the spaces opening to the new forms of governance both at local and sub-national, and supra-national level.

All are inscribed in that complex phenomenon represented by the trans-nationalization of social, political and economic processes, without neglecting the nation-state dimension.

The journal emphasizes innovative studies and research of high methodological rigor, treasuring of the most recent theoretical and empirical contributions in social and political sciences.

The NEW SERIES of PARTECIPAZIONE E CONFLITTO starts in 2014. Every issue is published in English, available in electronic and open access version. Anyhow it is possible to consult the contents of all issues published since 2008 accessing abstracts and previews of every article from the webpage of the publisher Franco Angeli.

The Journal is published in three issues for year (March, July, and November).

PACO is rated CLASS A by the Italian Academic Research Evaluation Agency (Anvur) for the area 14 (social sciences).

After a rigorous double blind peer review process, publication in PACO is free of charge

Access to the journal is free but REGISTRATION on the website allows to receive every news from PACO 


Editor in Chief:

Fabio de Nardis (Università del Salento)


Associate Editors:

Francesca Forno (Università di Trento); Gianni Piazza (Università di Catania); Tommaso Vitale (Sciences Po, Paris).


Editorial Staff:

Luca Alteri, Institute for Political Studies S. Pio V, Italy; Massimiliano Andretta, University of Pisa, Italy; Lorenzo Bosi, Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy; Manuela Caiani, Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy; Adriano Cirulli, Uninettuno University, Italy; Alberta Giorgi, University of Bergamo, Italy; Alice Mattoni, Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy; Lorenzo Mosca, Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy; Louisa Parks, University of Trento, Italy; Timothy Peace, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom; Luca Raffini, University of Genoa, Italy; Simone Tosi, University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy


Editorial Assistant:

Luca Antonazzo, University of Salento, Italy

Italian Editorial Board:

Maurizio Ambrosini, University of Milan, Italy; Manuel Anselmi, University of Perugia, Italy; Laura Balbo, University of Ferrara, Italy; Luciano Bardi, University of Pisa, Italy; Mauro Barisione, University of Milan, Italy; Bianca Beccalli, University of Milan, Italy; Gianfranco Bettin Lattes, University of Florence, Italy; Roberto Biorcio, University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy; Luigi Bobbio, University of Turin, Italy; Vando Borghi, University of Bologna, Italy; Mimmo Carrieri, University of Teramo, Italy; Bruno Cartosio, University of Bergamo, Italy; Antonio Ciniero, University of Salento, Italy; Antonio Costabile, University of Calabria, Italy; Ernesto d’Albergo, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy; Marco Damiani, University of Perugia, Italy Ilvo Diamanti, University of Urbino, Italy Ota de Leonardis, University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy Pietro Fantozzi, University of Calabria, Italy Antimo Luigi Farro, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy Marcello Fedele, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy Vitantonio Gioia, University of Salento, Italy Paolo Roberto Graziano, University of Padova, Italy Piero Ignazi, University of Bologna, Italy Giulio Moini, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy Arianna Montanari, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy Claudia Padovani, University of Padova, Italy Luigi Pellizzoni, University of Trieste, Italy Andrea Pirni, University of Genova, Italy Costanzo Ranci, Polytechnic of Milan, Italy Francesco Raniolo, University of Calabria, Italy Angelo Salento, University of Salento, Italy Rossana Sampugnaro, University of Catania, Italy Ambrogio Santambrogio, University of Perugia, Italy Rocco Sciarrone, University of Turin, Italy Loredana Sciolla, University of Turin, Italy Chara Sebastiani, University of Bologna, Italy Roberto Segatori, University of Perugia, Italy Marta Vignola, University of Salento, Italy Lorenzo Viviani, Università di Pisa, Italy.

International Advisory Board:

Zygmunt Bauman, University of Leeds, United Kingdom Paulus Albertus Blokker, University of Trento, Italy; Luc Boltanski, EHESS, Paris, France; Daniel Cefai, Université de Paris X, France; Vincenzo Cicchelli, Paris Descartes-CNRS, France; Daniele Conversi, University of the Basque Country, Spain; Gerard Delanty, University of Sussex, United Kingdom; Donatella della Porta, European University Institute, Italy; Mario Diani, University of Trento, Italy; Nicolas Dodier, EHESS, Paris, France Klaus Eder, Humboldt University, Germany; Olivier Fillieule, University of Lausanne, Switzerland; Roberto Franzosi, Emory University, United States Virginie Guiraudon, Sciences Po, Paris, France; Marco Giugni, University of Geneva, Switzerland; David Held, London School of Economics, United Kingdom; Hanspeter Kriesi, University of Zürich, Switzerland; Dietmar Loch, Unversity of Grenoble, France; Michele Micheletti, Karlstad University, Sweden; Marco Oberti, Sciences Po, Paris, France; Thomas Olesen, University of Aarhus, Denmark David Paternotte, Free University of Bruxelles, Belgium;  Riikka Perälä, University of Helsinki, Finland; Abby Peterson, University of Gothemburg, Sweden Chris Pickvance, University of Kent, United Kingdom; Gianfranco Poggi, Uinversity of Trento, Italy; Ettore Recchi, Sciences Po, Paris, France; Jean-Pierre Reed, University of Southern Illinois, United States; Carlo Ruzza, University of Trento, Italy; Saskia Sassen, Columbia University, United States; Tanja Sekulic, University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy; Jackie Smith, University of Pittsburgh, United States; David Snow, University of California, Irvine, United States; Isabelle Sommier, University of Paris I, France; Michele Sorice, LUISS University, Italy; Sidney Tarrow, Cornell University, United States; Benjamín Tejerina, University of the Basque Country, Spain; Charles Tilly, Columbia University, United States; Hans-Jörg Trenz, University of Copenaghen, Denmark; Paolo Vignolo, National University of Bogotà, Colombia; Maarten Peter Vink, Maastricht University, Netherlands; Alison Woodward, Vrije University, Bruxelles, Belgium.


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Editore: Salento University Publishing



Nome Rivista:

[ISSN: 1972-7623; e-ISSN: 2035-6609]:

Published in English, open access, peer reviewed
Indexed in SCOPUS and Web of Science.
Rating ANVUR: Class A for the Area 14 (social sciences);
Ranked 2st in Italy for Sociology and Political Science Journals, and 21th worldwide (among open access journals) by Scimago Jorunal & Country Rank (SJR 2018)


Editor in Chief:
Fabio de Nardis, University of Salento


Associate Editors:
Francesca Forno, University of Trento; Gianni Piazza, University of Catania; Tommaso Vitale, Sciences Po, Paris


Editorial Staff:
Luca Alteri, Istituto di Studi Politici S. Pio V; Massimiliano Andretta, University of Pisa; Lorenzo Bosi, Scuola Normale Superiore; Manuela Caiani, Scuola Normale Superiore; Adriano Cirulli, Uninettuno University; Alberta Giorgi, University of Bergamo; Alice Mattoni, University of Bologna; Lorenzo Mosca, University of Milan; Louisa Parks, University of Trento; Timothy Peace, University of Glasgow; Luca Raffini, University of Genoa; Simone Tosi, University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy


Italian Editorial Board:
Maurizio Ambrosini, University of Milan; Manuel Anselmi, University of Perugia; Laura Balbo, University of Ferrara; Luciano Bardi, University of Pisa; Mauro Barisione, University of Milan; Bianca Beccalli, University of Milan; Gianfranco Bettin Lattes, University of Florence; Emiliano Bevilacqua, University of Salento; Roberto Biorcio, University of Milan-Bicocca; Luigi Bobbio, University of Turin; Vando Borghi, University of Bologna; Mimmo Carrieri, University of Teramo; Bruno Cartosio, University of Bergamo; Antonio Ciniero, University of Salento; Antonio Costabile, University of Calabria; Ernesto d’Albergo, Sapienza University of Rome; Marco Damiani, University of Perugia; Ilvo Diamanti, University of Urbino; Ota de Leonardis, University of Milan-Bicocca; Pietro Fantozzi, University of Calabria; Antimo Luigi Farro, Sapienza University of Rome; Marcello Fedele, Sapienza University of Rome; Vitantonio Gioia, University of Salento; Paolo Roberto Graziano, University of Padova; Piero Ignazi, University of Bologna; Giulio Moini, Sapienza University of Rome; Arianna Montanari, Sapienza University of Rome; Claudia Padovani, University of Padova; Luigi Pellizzoni, University of Pisa; Andrea Pirni, University of Genova; Costanzo Ranci, Polytechnic of Milan; Francesco Raniolo, University of Calabria; Federico Russo, University of Salento; Angelo Salento, University of Salento; Rossana Sampugnaro, University of Catania; Ambrogio Santambrogio, University of Perugia; Rocco Sciarrone, University of Turin; Loredana Sciolla, University of Turin; Chiara Sebastiani, University of Bologna; Roberto Segatori, University of Perugia; Marta Vignola, University of Salento; Lorenzo Viviani, Università di Pisa


International Editorial Board:
Zygmunt Bauman †, University of Leeds; Paulus Albertus Blokker, University of Trento; Luc Boltanski, EHESS, Paris; Daniel Cefai, Université de Paris X; Vincenzo Cicchelli, Paris Descartes-CNRS; Daniele Conversi, University of the Basque Country; Gerard Delanty, University of Sussex; Donatella della Porta, Scuola Normale Superiore; Mario Diani, University of Trento; Nicolas Dodier, EHESS, Paris; Klaus Eder, Humboldt University; Olivier Fillieule, University of Lausanne; Roberto Franzosi, Emory University; Virginie Guiraudon, Sciences Po, Paris; Marco Giugni, University of Geneva; David Held, London School of Economics; Hanspeter Kriesi, University of Zürich; Dietmar Loch, Unversity of Grenoble; Michele Micheletti, Karlstad University; Marco Oberti, Sciences Po, Paris; Thomas Olesen, University of Aarhus; David Paternotte, Free University of Bruxelles; Riikka Perälä, University of Helsinki; Abby Peterson, University of Gothemburg; Chris Pickvance, University of Kent; Gianfranco Poggi, Uinversity of Trento; Ettore Recchi, Sciences Po, Paris; Jean-Pierre Reed, University of Southern Illinois; Carlo Ruzza, University of Trento; Saskia Sassen, Columbia University; Tanja Sekulic, University of Milan-Bicocca; Jackie Smith, University of Pittsburgh; David Snow, University of California, Irvine; Isabelle Sommier, University of Paris I; Michele Sorice, LUISS University; Sidney Tarrow, Cornell University; Benjamín Tejerina, University of the Basque Country; Charles Tilly †, Columbia University; Hans-Jörg Trenz, University of Copenaghen; Paolo Vignolo, National University of Bogotà; Maarten Peter Vink, Maastricht University; Alison Woodward, Vrije University




Publisher: Salento University Publishing